Surviving the First Few Weeks of New Motherhood

Today on Delivering Miracles, Parijat Deshpande chats with certified advanced birth doula and postpartum educator Adriana Lozada to discuss new motherhood and share their top tips to prepare you for your first few weeks as a new parent.

Combining Prenatal Care with Lifestyle Wellness

There is a whole other side of health that we don’t always hear about – lifestyle wellness. Pills don’t always solve everything! In this episode, Parijat Deshpande discusses why standard prenatal care isn’t always enough during a high-risk pregnancy and the importance of wellness.

The Impact of Sleep on Fertility and Pregnancy

Sleep is so important not only for your health and well-being, but for fertility too! In this episode Parijat brings on sleep strategist, coach, colleague, and friend Christine Hansen to talk to us about all things related to sleep, fertility, and pregnancy.

Time to Answer your Questions

In this episode, I answer some more of your high-risk pregnancy questions. I’d love to hear from you — if you have any questions you want me to answer on my podcast, just shoot me an e-mail at If you don’t ask you’ll never know!

How to be an Empowered Patient

The bottom line is: nobody cares about your baby as much as you. You need to speak up to be your baby’s best advocate because YOU ARE your baby’s best advocate. In this episode, I give you my best tips so you can be an empowered patient.

Nutrition and Fertility with Lindsay Dam

On this episode of Delivering Miracles, High Risk Pregnancy Expert, clinically trained therapist and former high risk mother, Parijat Deshpande talks to fertility expert Lindsay Dam about the less thought about causes of miscarriages. They discuss nutrition and digestion and how important these are in avoiding a miscarriage.

Different Types of Births

If your pregnancy doesn’t go as planned you still have options! On today’s episode of Delivering Miracles, Parijat discusses the details of the pros and cons for the different options you may have during your high-risk pregnancy. She covers home births, water births, and more!