Combating Helplessness During a High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of learning how to relinquish control. So many new things are going on in your body and in this episode high-risk pregnancy expert, Parijat Deshpande, helps you combat the feeling of helplessness while these changes are happening. 

Be In Charge of Your Healthcare

You HAVE to ask questions! In this episode, Parijat talks about questions the questions you should ask about fertility. She brings on her friend and colleague, Jay Palumbo, to share the questions fertility patients ask her as a fertility advocate. 

A Guys Perspective: Q&A with Sonil Mukherjee

In this episode, Parijat brings back her husband, Sonil, to answer your questions — he gives us great insight into his perspective from the other side of a high-risk pregnancy. You guys sent in some really good questions!

Ending the Controversy of Jade Eggs

In this episode, I discuss the controversy that is Gwenyth Paltrow’s lifestyle company, Goop, vs. OBGYN Dr. Gunter. When I heard about this I was furious and knew I had to talk about this. Tune in to hear my thoughts!

Weird Celebrity Pregnancy Trends

Whether it be Beyonce or Amal Clooney we just can’t get enough of celebrity pregnancies. Something about these huge names going through the same thing the rest of us do is so intriguing. On this episode of Delivering Miracles, Parijat Deshpande discusses different celebrity pregnancies.

Tools for a Passionate Marriage and a Powerful Parenting Team

Having a baby is a HUGE life adjustment and can put a strain on your relationship. On this episode of Delivering Miracles, Parijat Deshpande discusses tools for creating a solid marital foundation for the arrival of your baby with special guest Debbie Cherry, licensed marriage and family therapist, and creator of the Passion While Parenting program. Debbie will help arm you with the right tools now so you can have a solid foundation of your marriage once your baby comes home — no matter what happens between now and then. I am so excited to introduce you to Debbie Cherry!